Our Team

The Scudder Roofing Team

The Scudder Roofing team is a group of skilled and highly trained professionals who care deeply about the quality of their work.

Pete and his wife, Karen, started Scudder Roofing out of their home in Prunedale over 35 years ago. Back in the early 80's, he saw the need for a roofing company based on a commitment to quality and excellence and that's what he set out to build. The rest is, as they say, history. Pete also believes in giving back and when he's not working on construction projects, you will usually find him volunteering his time to organizations like the Boy Scouts or Voices for Children and spending quality time with his family.

Pete Scudder

A long-time resident of the Monterey Peninsula, Karen founded Scudder Roofing along with her husband Pete in 1982 and has an extensive background in construction, specializing in accounts payable/receivable. While her plate is always full and she she has worn a lot of hats within the company for the past 33 years, ask anyone around and they'll tell you she is the heart of the business and keeps everyone in the company on track.

Karen Scudder

Although Jen has been with the company for 11 years, being Pete's daughter, she has really been with the company her entire life. Working during summer breaks through high school, she would help her father with filing and other small projects around the office. Now, Jen manages the entire production department (approximately 50 employees). She loves supporting and motivating her employees and thrives on each client's complete satisfaction.

Jennifer Scudder
Chief of Operations

As safety coordinator, warehouse manager and outside superintendent for Scudder Roofing, Rafa says the thing he likes most is watching everyone he works with come back safely every night. He also loves that all of his colleagues are friendly and that Scudder offers a truly safe environment which he looks to as a second home for both himself and his family.

Rafael Heredia
Field Superintendent

In 1997, Ray was hired at Scudder roofing as a laborer, tearing off roofs and learning and soaking up all he could about the industry. His drive and thirst has brought him to where he is today as project consultant. He loves what he does and has total faith in the team as well as the crews that work with him to provide the quality craftsmanship Scudder is known for to his customers.

Ray Vargas
Project Consultant/ Estimator

After a 25 year career in hotel management, Jim arrived at Scudder in early 2014 and hit the proverbial ground running as financial controller for both companies (Scudder Roofing and Scudder Solar). While the word “busy” is an understatement for a day in Jim’s life at the office, he’ll be the first to tell you that he loves working with the entire staff and thrives on spending his time coming up with new ways for the business to become more efficient, cut costs and save money.

Jim Pawling

With over 15 years of construction experience as both a roofing and solar installer, Javier was born in Mexico and came to the United States at the age of four. Even then, he knew that he wanted to pursue the American dream which he has done in spades. An expert on composition shingle, single-ply, and built-up roof systems and as well rounded as they come in all types of roofing applications.

Javier Heredia
Project Consultant / Estimator

Born and raised in Monterey, Gabe was an All-American baseball player at UCLA and after graduating, he had a wonderful 10-year professional ball career as a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, the Texas Rangers, the Chicago Cubs and finally, the Arizona Diamondbacks. With a strong interest in construction and his background in sales, Gabe was a perfect fit for the Scudder team where he is currently working as a project consultant and estimator.

Gabe Sollecito
Project Consultant / Estimator

Dennis has roofing in his blood and has been involved in the industry since the age of 13 when he would sweep his family’s roofing business yard on Saturdays. Dennis’ first large project back in the day was working on the construction of the original Monterey Bay Aquarium. After 27 years of commercial and residential roofing, waterproofing and construction experience, Dennis is an extremely welcome addition to the Scudder team.

Dennis Passey
Project Consultant / Estimator

Ofelia (or Ms. Ofie as we call her!) loves the professionalism and integrity of the team Pete Scudder has built and enjoys numbers a little more than she will admit. Detail-oriented, smart as a whip and kind as they come, the only thing Ofie loves more than working at Scudder, is her family (and yes, that includes the furry critters, too).

Ofelia Rodriguez
Accounts Receivable/Payroll Supervisor and HR Mgr

Working accounts payable, Connie loves the people she works with and the variety of requests that come across her desk every day. Whether it be for a copy of an invoice or a research project, no two days are ever the same at Scudder Roofing!

Connie Grantham
Accounts Payable

Veronica has numerous years of experience in the construction industry and customer care is her specialty, no matter what time of the day or what kind of client she is dealing with! With a genuine smile and heaps of personality to boot, Veronica helps the office run a little more smoothly whenever she’s sitting on the throne called her front desk. Raised in a huge family, she loves to shout it out from the rooftops that she is the mother of two teens who mean the world to her!

Veronica Santoya
Construction Resources Assistant
Expert roofing insignia