Roofing Financing and Roof Finance Options
Roofing Payment & Financing Options


We have a variety of financing options available to you at Scudder in addition to accepting cash, check and credit cards. Our team will walk you through the roof financing process step-by-step and work very hard to find you find the best financing opportunities we can.

Clay Tile Roof

We Understand That Roofing
Isn't Always a Luxury


More often than not, roofing is a necessity. And it's always something you want done right the first time. But sometimes due to budgets and cash flow, it's pretty difficult to move forward with the right long-term home improvement project and it's quite common for consumers to make hasty decisions based on price. The problem is, price is only a small part of the story when choosing the right contractor and putting a new roof over your head. In truth, there are multiple factors that should go into choosing the roofing contractor that's right for your home or business and your budget.

Cheaper Isn't Always Cheaper Long-Term

At Scudder Roofing, we know you want your project completed quickly and correctly and we also realize the cost of completing a project the right way can sometimes end up a greater investment than you're prepared for. Over the years we have developed some fantastic financing tools and opportunities to give you a lot more freedom in choosing your contractor and materials, not to mention lessening the burden on your pocket book. From our best price guarantee to same as cash options and conventional financing, we're sure we have a financing program that can fit your needs and your lifestyle.


So contact Scudder Roofing to learn more about the host of options we have available and we'll make your home improvement project a reality today.


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